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Artist Trading Cards
Candy Wrapper
Quilted Greeting Card
Hot Pad and Instructions to Make Your Own

Jill-Fold Clutch Purse

The Jill-Fold Clutch Purse is an original purse design.  Measures 10 x 5 x 1 1/2 inches.  A front flap has magnetic closure. 

The Jill-Fold is hand crafted by master quilter Juli-Ann Gasper.  The fabric is created from the scraps of quilting projects and features piecing and thread embellishments.  Each purse is completely unique.

Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing and Bouldering

This Chalk Bag is 8 inches high, 5 inches in diameter. The inside is fleece, while the outside is handmade custom quilted fabric. It cinches completely closed on the inside , while staying completely open at the top. An elastic loop on the side holds your crevice brush. 2 caribiner loops hold the bag vertical when attached to your belt or climbing gear. Each chalk bag is absolutely unique, as the custom quilted fabric used for the exterior is made from the remains of other quilting projects.

Journal/Book Cover

Unique quilted-square front, with nameplate and pen pocket inside.  Hook and loop tab fastener.  8.5 x 5.5 inches
Use yours for travel journal, wine labels and commentary, personal journal, paperback book cover, puzzle book, gardening journal, diary, quilt pictures and descriptions

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WarmHeat© Bread Basket

Keep your bread warm
Directions: Heat the WarmHeat© bag for 15 to 45 seconds until it is toasty warm!  Place the WarmHeat© bread wrap in the WarmHeat© Bread Basket on top of the warm bag.  Add your hot bread, and then fold the bread wrap over the top of the hot bread.  Each dinner guest will get hot bread, even on second helpings

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Grow the Gratitude Greeting Card--description coming soon

Grow the Gratitude Card

Hot Pad and Hot Pad Instructions or Kit to Make Your Own

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Candy Wrappers--Description Coming Soon

Candy Wrappers