Landscapes---Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

Darkness comes on gradually.
A sunset deceives with its swirling dancing colors.
The dusk that follows silently creeps in,
Gradually enveloping the shapes and colors;
Usually with gentle grays, but sometimes not.
Stormy dusk deceives.
After a storm, one awaits the breakthrough of sun,
But a stormy dusk dissolves into oppressive night.

This particular night was oppressive;
In its length, in its darkness, In the windy gusts and torrential rains.
But the storm did gradually creep away,
Leaving the blackness of a night with no stars or moon;

No sounds except those of the tree,
s its wet arms bounced against one another in the last deep gasps of the storm.

He waits, hoping for something to relieve the curtain of darkness.
The incessant creaking of wet branches; a crash of a broken limb;
And then again the unceasing night grabs hold again.

He waits, knowing that the passage of night is the Creator’s gift.
The night will pass.
He waits, hoping that the small point of light bouncing gently in the distance
Is not a mirage.

So deceitful are the stormy dusk and night that he holds his breath,
Intent on hearing that gently bouncing beacon of light.
It must have a sound!
How can it keep bouncing with no sound?

He is intensely waiting, muscles tense to prevent his movements
From covering up the gentle footsteps he has begun to hear.
Light does have a sound!

He waits, imagining the lovely lady carrying a gently bouncing lamp
Who will emerge from the stormy night to light a footpath
That will lead him to the daylight and sun.

But just for now, let them be together in this quiet woods,
With the raindrops reflecting the golden lantern’s light
On the leaves and tiny flowers of the tree.

Just for this moment, let them be grateful for the light that defeats the darkness,
For the wispy stars peaking out through the darkness.

Just for this moment, let them gather in the beauty of this night,
That has suddenly become so different from all the others.

Then he grasps her hand
And lets her lead him gently Out of Darkness.
                        --Juli-Ann Gasper, 2008

Original Block Design, machine pieced, quilted and embellished.  Based on image from

Fahy, Everett.  Metropolitan Flowers, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1982, p. 76-77.

In private collection of Frank Jackson and Rebekah Syed.