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Turtle Toys

Turtle Toys are all hand-made by fabric artist Jeanie Holt.  Fabrics are carefully chosen for colors and textures to please and stimulate babies and young children.  Toys are stuffed with a bamboo-polyester fiberfill.  Features are embroidered and each toy is carefully inspected to ensure safe play.  Email or call (603)703-2209 for more information and pricing.  Scroll down for "Hippopotamus", "Fish, Rattle, Handle", "Patchwork Turtle", and "Hidden Treasure Box Travel Toy".


"But Not the Hippopotamus"! Inspired by this Sandra Boynton board book for babies, hippos are a perfect size for tiny hand.  The book features a rhyming story about various animals and a sad hippopotamus who feels left out until the other animals beg her to join them.  The book and a
hippo can be purchased separately or as a set. As you can see in the picture, each hippo is totally unique!

Fish, Rattle and Handle

Made of soft fleece, the fish has a handle that a baby can easily
grasp.  Inside is a small tin box with beads sealed inside, making a
quiet rattle that even a tired parent won't mind hearing.  Although this fish is a glorious yellow, red and green, each fish is unique.  Inquire about availability of special colors.

Patchwork Turtles

Patchwork Turtles have a variety of textures on the shell and legs.  The head is a soft loop for a baby to hold and shake.  Inside, buttons are sealed into a small tin box to make a gentle rattle.  Each turtle is unique. 

Hidden Treasure Box Travel Toy

Turtle Toys Hidden Treasure boxes make an engaging travel toy.  Sealed into a 6x3x2 fabric box with a vinyl window are 25 "treasures".  Every box has sea shells, pretty pebbles, and large beads, along with a variety of small trinkets.  These treasures are "hidden" in a filling of translucent "crystals" often used in vases of silk flowers.  By manipulating the crystals through the fabric, a child can find treasures by bringing trinkets to the vinyl window of the toy.